Dog euthanized after being badly beaten in Pinecrest, owner says

Owner says her 2 dogs were attacked in backyard

PINECREST, Fla. – A Pinecrest woman told Local 10 News that her beloved dog was beaten so badly that she was forced to have her pet euthanized.

"That dog was truly a best friend. He was a companion," Karina Del Amo said.

Del Amo said her 9-month-old Vizsla, Oliver, was senselessly beaten so badly the dog had to be euthanized.

"It was definitely something I wouldn't wish upon anyone else," she said.

Del Amo said she was at work Feb. 12 and Oliver and his mother Mya were in her gated backyard. She said a neighbor found both dogs severely injured. 

After Oliver was rushed to a nearbye animal hospital, Del Amo learned he had rear limb paralysis. His spinal reflexes were completely absent and the dog would likely never walk again. The veterinarian advised her to put him down.

"So knowing that someone was looking into my dog’s eyes, and he just wanted to give him love, and what he got back was a death sentence. Knowing that is very hard for me. It is very emotional," Del Amo said. 

Pinecrest police are investigating. Meanwhile, the dogs mother Mya has an indentation on her back where she was hit.

"When I got home and I looked into her eyes, you could tell there was a story she couldn't tell me. She was scared," Del Amo said. 

Del Amo is scared, too, but said she is telling her story for good reason.

"I am not expecting my dog to come back, because that is not something that is going to happen, but if I could find some sort of justice in this and make sure that it is prevented and not happen to anyone else by that person," Del Amo said. 

Del Amo said she believes if someone could do this to a sweet, innocent dog, maybe they could do it to a person.

Del Amo said she doesn't know why anyone would want to harm her dogs. She said it's unclear whether the person who beat her dogs was intending to burglarize her home.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pinecrest police or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.