Father accused of killing infant daughter in video game rage


COATESVILLE, Pa. – A Pennsylvania man allegedly killed his 5-month-old daughter in a rage caused by losing a video game.

Police say Zion Isaiah Shockley, 18, of Coatesville, shook, threw and dropped his daughter after becoming angered over losing a game of Call of Duty on Feb. 10. Shockley says another player had called him a failure.

Shockley admitted to previously shaking the baby for five minutes after another video game loss sometime after Christmas.

In the most recent incident, KTRK reports Shockley tossed the baby in the air twice, and did not catch her as she fell on a mattress face down. The police report claims Shockley then shook her for one minute afterwards.

Crews responded to Shockley's home for a call of cardiac arrest after he found the baby was not breathing. The baby later died of her injuries.

Shockley, who has shared custody of the child, was charged with first-degree murder and given no bail.