Man wearing ski mask beats boy over iPhone in Miami-Dade

Surveillance video shows attacker punching 12-year-old boy

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A man stepped out of a sport utility vehicle and attacked a boy Thursday, stealing his iPhone in front of his home in northwest Miami-Dade County. 

Daniel Machado, 12, said he had just gotten home from school. He was getting ready to pick up the mail when the driver of a silver SUV stopped.

A man wearing a ski mask got out of the SUV and used his fist to beat the boy before taking his phone.

"I got it for Christmas, which is the worst part," the sixth-grade student said. "It was a Christmas present from mom."

Jessica Antunez was grateful that the attacker didn't seriously injure or kill her son over the iPhone. 

"If the guy would have had a gun, [Danny] would have [gotten] shot," Antunez said.

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