18-year-old man accused of killing neighbor's dog with pellet gun

Incident captured on surveillance video last month, police say


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – An 18-year-old man was arrested last month, days after he killed his neighbor's dog in southwest Miami-Dade, authorities said.

Edangel Rives was arrested Feb. 23 on an animal cruelty charge.

According to an arrest report, surveillance video shows Rives shooting the small dog several times with a high-powered pellet rifle on Feb. 19 in the 5300 block of Southwest 115th Avenue.

Police said Rives was seen on the video leaning over his neighbor's fence and aiming the rifle at the dog.

Police said the incident took place over the course of nine minutes, and nine shots were heard on the video. All nine shots were directed at the dog, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, a witness stepped outside to let the dog inside the house and the dog was seen struggling to use its hind legs.

The dog's owner reviewed his surveillance cameras the next morning and saw Rives shooting his dog several times, authorities said.

The man took his dog to an animal hospital and had the dog euthanized to avoid any further pain.

According to police, the veterinarian said the dog had suffered severe injuries caused by being struck with pellets.

Detectives searched Rives' homes days after the incident and found two containers of pellets and a Beeman pellet rifle, the report stated.

Detectives said Rives confessed to shooting the gun, but claimed that he never shot the dog. 


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