South Florida woman gouges out mother's eyeballs, places them on cardboard box

Camille Balla faces murder charge after mother found dead in garage

Camille Balla is accused of gouging out her mother's eyeballs and placing them on a nearby cardboard box in the garage of a Royal Palm Beach home.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. – A South Florida woman gouged out her mother's eyeballs and placed them on a nearby cardboard box, deputies said.

Camille Balla, 32, faces a charge of first-degree murder in connection with the death of her mother, Francisca Monteiro-Balla.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office probable cause affidavit, Balla called a co-worker and asked for help because Balla "believed she may have murdered her mother." The unidentified co-worker arrived at the Royal Palm Beach home and saw Balla standing outside covered in blood, so the co-worker called 911.

When deputies arrived, Balla spontaneously said, "I killed my mother and I need help."

Balla handed deputies the blood-drenched keys to the house. When deputies entered, they found blood splatter throughout the house and Balla's 55-year-old mother dead in the garage.

"Both of her eyes had been removed from their sockets," Detective Mathew Orr wrote in the affidavit. "Several feet away from the victim was a cardboard box which had the victim's eyes found on top."

The affidavit said Monteiro-Balla had "several large, deep lacerations" to her body, "including her head, arms, chest, stomach and groin." He also noted several pieces of broken glass on the garage floor.

"Several handwritten notes were found in the garage which contained religious-themed written messages related to clearing of the soul," Orr wrote.

Deputies said Balla was being treated by paramedics at the scene when she started to scream, 
I'm a murderer."

Balla was treated for large lacerations to her hands at St. Mary's Medical Center before being booked into the main Palm Beach County jail.

A judge Monday ordered Balla to undergo a mental health evaluation. She remains in jail without bond.