Florida man tells middle school son to fight another boy, shoves teen himself

PALM COAST, Fla. – A Florida man instigated a fight between his teen son and another student outside a middle school, and then stepped into the fight himself, pushing the other child and threatening him.

Anthony Gardiner, 34, of Palm Coast was charged with disorderly conduct and battery for touching or striking the student during the altercation without his permission.

According to WKMG, the victim said he was walking down the street when Gardiner drove up and yelled at him to fight his son. The two boys had allegedly been engaged in an ongoing dispute.

In videos taken by witnesses, while the two teens are fighting, Gardiner can be seen saying, "Get him, Dom. (Expletive) him in the face."

With his son "losing" the fight, Gardiner stepped in and pushed the other boy and claimed he had a knife and that he was a police officer.

In the video, Gardiner, who is 6 feet 1 inch tall, is then seen walking away from the fight, but a group of parents followed him, yelling at him as he walked away.

“He’s a child,” one woman yelled.

“Stop, you’re a parent,” another said.

“That’s a little boy, man. You can’t step in for your son,” a man said who confronted the father.

Gardiner yelled back at one woman saying, “You ain’t get the texts my son got."