Human dentists assist Zoo Miami veterinarians during exams for 2 chimpanzees

Both chimps are recovering well at exhibit

(Zoo Miami)

MIAMI – Several human dentists assisted Zoo Miami veterinarians Thursday during medical exams for two elderly chimpanzees, zoo spokesman Ron Magill said in a news release.

Magill said Samantha, 48, and Bubbles, 51, are considered very old as chimpanzees rarely live past 50.

He said the senior citizens underwent several procedures Thursday --  including blood tests, X-rays, tooth cleanings and ultrasounds -- to determine, among other things, blood circulation and heart function.

Magill said Samantha was found to be in good health for her age and did not require any special treatments in addition to her general exams.

Bubbles, however, had to get a tooth pulled and was treated for an ulcer on her right eye. 

Magill said the procedures for both chimps went well, and they are recovering at their exhibit Friday. They are expected to be reunited with the rest of their troop by this weekend.

The specialists who treated the chimps included Zoo Miami's veterinarians, Dr. Gwen Myers, Dr. Gaby Flacke and Dr. Jimmy Johnson; and human dentists, Dr. Randall Groh, Dr. Richard Souviron, and Dr. Adrian Correa, from Dental Leaders; veterinary ultrasound specialist, Dr. Forrest (Woody) Hayes,  veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Dewey Carpenter and veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Cherlene Delgado.  


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