Miami police officer arrested after domestic incident

Kyle Centeno, 26, jailed after fight with girlfriend

MIAMI – A Miami police officer was arrested and jailed Wednesday after a fight with his girlfriend.

Kyle Centeno, 26, was arrested on battery and false imprisonment charges, while his girlfriend, Isamar Tavarez, was arrested on charges of battery and resisting arrest without violence.

According to the police report, Centeno and Tavarez argued early Wednesday morning before the officer left for work over pornographic content on his phone.

Centeno claims Tavarez followed him in her vehicle and asked him to pull over. With Centeno in full uniform, the argument continued at a nearby intersection, with Tavarez allegedly slapping Centeno in the face and threatening to destroy his belongings.

When the two returned home, Centeno placed Tavarez in handcuffs and into his patrol car after she continued hitting him, the report said. 

Tavarez denies slapping her boyfriend, saying she only pushed him away when Centeno said he would handcuff her. She did admit to kicking Centeno in the groin after she was placed in his patrol car.

After both were taken to Homestead police headquarters, Tavarez, at first, recanted all her previous statements and accused detectives of lying. Later she admitted to not wanting Centeno to lose his job, but claimed he had threatened her with losing custody of her children.

Centeno, who has been with the Miami Police Department for a little over two years, has been suspended with pay.