Anthony Borges visits Stoneman Douglas nearly 2 months after mass shooting

El Dorado donates furniture to Borges family as Anthony continues recovery

Courtesy: @StoriesUntoldUS
Courtesy: @StoriesUntoldUS (@StoriesUntoldUS)

PARKLAND, Fla. – Anthony Borges is the last of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre victims to be released from the hospital.  

Photos posted online by his fellow classmates to the Twitter account @StoriesUntoldUS show Anthony visiting the school Thursday. 

But his parents, Royer Borges and Emily Delfin, say he still has a long road to recovery, and their family now has many challenges ahead.

"The most shots he got were to his legs and in the back, so it is impossible for him to walk right now," Delfin said.

Anthony is now using a wheelchair and his parents have had to move out of their apartment on the fourth floor of a building and into a Coral Springs home, which was rented for the next year by the No More Tears Foundation. 

The couple also quit their jobs to care for their son’s emotional and physical needs following the Feb. 14 shooting that killed 17 people.

"He lost a lot of weight," Delfin said. "He is really skinny, and for him to stay in just one position is hard and is painful for him."

To try and help in his recovery, No More Tears presented the family with a check for $37,000 and teamed up with El Dorado, which is furnishing their home. The furniture will include an adjustable bed that Delfin said her son now needs to sleep.

"The special mattress is because he cannot lay straight. He needs to sleep like he's sitting," she said.

The Borges family picked out furniture for their home Friday, which is where they said they will build a new foundation for their family and their son's recovery.

"We really appreciate everything -- the help and everyone who donated," Royer Borges said. "A small amount is really significant for us."


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