Miami named "Least Uptight City" in America


MIAMI – If you eliminate the I-95 road rage, grocery line fights, and hurricanes, Miami ends up being a pretty laid back city.

Or so we're now being told.

Believe it or not, and we'll give you a second to strap yourselves in, Miami was named the "Least Uptight City" in the entire United States of America. 

Not just in Florida.

Not only in the Southeast.

The... whole... entire... country.

In its new survey, Rentcafe.com studied over 400,000 Instagram posts to find the most casual places in the U.S., breaking the rankings down by fashion, food, dating and lifestyle.

The company then ranked the cities based on Instagram hashtags related to each of the four categories.

When all was said and done, Miami ranked No. 1 in fashion, food and lifestyle, while placing fifth in dating.

"What to wear on holiday in Miami isn’t hard to put together either, and if your style happens to include a 'going to the beach' vibe, the odds are you’ll fit right in," the company writes.

When it comes to dining, the survey says "delicious Cuban food and hand-held empanadas define the culture of casual dining in the Magic City – not to mention the iconic coffee that stands on its own as a symbol of the city’s food scene."


  • 1. MIAMI
  • 2. Orlando
  • 3. Atlanta
  • 4. San Francisco
  • 5. Los Angeles
  • 6. Washington, DC
  • 7. Las Vegas
  • 8. Portland, Oregon
  • 9. Austin
  • 10. Philadelphia
  • 16. Tampa
  • 45. Jacksonville