Orlando man reported missing in Miami found 'hiding behind a wall'

Police 'seeking medical attention for' Jeremiah Chavez


MIAMI – An Orlando man who was reported missing and last seen at a Miami nightclub has been found, police said.

Miami police Officer Michael Vega said Tuesday that Jeremiah Chavez was found "hiding behind a wall" in Miami Shores.

Vega said Miami Shores police were called to a disturbance near the Archdiocese of Miami on Biscayne Boulevard.

"They took him into custody and we are seeking medical attention for him," Vega said in a news release.

Chavez's mother told Local 10 News that he disappeared Sunday after driving with three friends to Club Space. She said he called his sister and told her that someone was chasing him, so his sister called police.

"His family is reuniting with him now," Vega said.

Chavez's soon-to-be brother-in-law said Chavez seems to be stable.

"Right now, he seems stable, on my behalf. He looks a little scratched up and beat up -- a little it dirty, but I know they're running tests on him," Angel Vera said. "At least he's talking and we hear his voice. Just to hear him on the phone was enough, but to see him in person is even better, you know."

Surveillance video from a Braman Cadillac dealership on Biscayne Boulevard near downtown Miami shows Chavez walking in around 4 p.m. Sunday, where he apparently asked someone for a phone to call for help.

Vega said it doesn't appear that Chavez was with anyone else that day, although the text messages sent to his sister were sent after he went to the dealership.

"Maybe we can find out the full story of everything that we're missing (from) the past three to four days that's been going on," Vera said.

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