Pence to Castro: 'Looks like you are the one leaving'

Pence says U.S. is determined to see a 'Cuba Libre'

File photos by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
File photos by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

MIAMI – Vice President Mike Pence responded to Raul Castro's jab Thursday night. 

The tit for tat started at the Summit of the Americas. During his speech, Pence said Castro's Cuba was a "tired communist regime" and walked out before Cuba's foreign minister could respond.

"He couldn't take it and left," Castro said in response. 

After Castro stepped down as president of Cuba's Council of State to remain the powerful leader of the Communist Party, Pence responded. 

"Hey Raul - looks like you’re the one leaving ... and we’re here standing with the Cuban people," Pence tweeted under hash tag "Cuba Libre." 

Pence also said the United States will continue to pressure Cuba to allow free and fair elections, release political prisoners and until "the people of Cuba are finally free." 


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