Blasting from mining companies concerns residents in Miramar


MIRAMAR, Fla. – Miramar residents have been complaining about the effects of blasting that is being conducted by mining companies in northwest Miami-Dade, the city posted on its website.

City officials said the blasting is having an impact on people and properties throughout the city, especially in the western communities.

The city of Miramar banned all blasting in the city in 1999, but city officials said the "effects of blasting performed by mining companies outside city limits are being felt within the city."

Miramar commissioners have approved an agreement with Broward County for independent monitoring of the blasts to gather seismic data on the west side of the city.

"This will allow the city to independently confirm the peak particle velocity levels from the mining operations," the city posted on its website. "Two units have been installed and are actively gathering data."

The State Fire Marshal's Office regulates all blasting activities in Florida.

Click here to file a complaint about blasting damages. Residents may also call the State Fire Marshal's Office at 800-861-4164, or email fireprevention@fldfs.com.

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