'Ninja' burglar targets synagogues in New York


NEW YORK – There have been a few burglars, who in the eyes of detectives, have been deserving of the ninja burglar title. 

There was a 74-year-old ninja burglar from Japan who was accused of committing 250 hits during an 8-year crime spree. There was a ninja burglar in Staten Island who was accused of raiding 200 homes, and then there was the ninja burglar in North Miami. He got caught pretty quickly.  

They were all dressed in black, covered their faces and had enough agility to get in and out of buildings undetected. But none of them targeted Jewish institutions like the one The New York Police Department is searching for Friday, according to The New York Post

Authorities believe this "ninja burglar" has stolen thousands from synagogues and yeshivas in Queens like Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah and the Khal Adas Yereim. He has been accused of taking cash meant for charity programs and computers during his one-month crime spree.

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