Police ticket driver for smoking inside car with child

At least 8 states and Puerto Rico have smoking in cars laws


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Before you light up that cigarette, make sure there aren't any kids around -- at least if you're in Virginia.

Virginia Beach driver was recently fined $100 for smoking in her car with her child present.

The Virginia Beach Police Department tweeted out a photo of the ticket last week, urging people to "protect your children and keep $100 in your pocket."

Virginia recently passed a law that prohibited adults from smoking inside a car if children under 8 years old are also present. The law applies to both parked and moving vehicles.

However, smoking with a child in the car is a secondary offense, so it wasn't the primary reason the that unlucky Virginia Beach driver was pulled over.

At least seven other states and Puerto Rico have adopted similar laws. Florida does not currently ban drivers from smoking with children in the car. A similar bill failed to pass in 2016.