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2 great white sharks tracked near Florida Keys

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KEY WEST, Fla. – If you're swimming near the Florida Keys over the next few days, you may want to keep on eye out for some tourists with big teeth lurking in the ocean.

Not one, but two great white sharks are currently being tracked just south of Key West by Ocearch, a marine research organization.

The sharks, Hilton and Savannah, were tracked as recently as Monday. Both great whites are traveling back from the Gulf of Mexico where they've since January.

Hilton is a 12 ft., 5 inch great white weighing over 1,300 pounds. The fully mature male was tagged in 2017 by Ocearch.

Savannah is the smaller of the two sharks at just 8 ft., 6 inches. She was tracked just off the coast of Miami back on Jan. 14 as she made her way south to warmer waters.

Both sharks should pass by South Florida in the coming weeks as they make their way back up the Atlantic coast of the U.S.