Events of Parkland school shooting still 'haunting' to Scot Peterson

Washington Post: Disgraced former deputy takes blame for lives lost


PARKLAND, Fla. – Disgraced former school resource Deputy Scot Peterson said he is still haunted by what happened on Valentine's Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

According to an article published Monday by The Washington Post, Peterson reflected on the Feb. 14 mass shooting at the Parkland school that left 14 students and three faculty members dead.

"It's haunting," Peterson said, according to The Washington Post. "I've cut that day up a thousand ways with a million different what-if scenarios, but the bottom line is I was there to protect, and I lost 17."

Peterson resigned from the Broward Sheriff's Office after being suspended by Sheriff Scott Israel, who said the campus deputy "never went in" as shooter Nikolas Cruz was inside the 1200 building with his AR-15 rifle.

"Coward" is the word most commonly used to describe Peterson's actions, or inactions, that day. Peterson said he's keenly aware of how he is perceived in the court of public opinion.

"You're a hero or a coward, and that's it," Peterson said, according to The Washington Post.

Israel said Peterson stood outside the building during the shootings and remained there for several minutes, "clearly" aware that a shooter was inside.

Peterson claims he was looking for Cruz, but he didn't know where to find him.

"It was my job, and I didn't find him," he said.

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