Abandoned sailboat to finally be removed from Hollywood Beach

City officials expect boat removal to cost up to $20,000

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A wrecked boat that has been sitting on the beach in Hollywood for more than a month is set to finally be removed, but there's a catch.

The 32-foot sailboat has been beached on the sand for about a month and a half.

Passerby and residents have long complained about the boat, but now, we can report there will soon be action.

The owner of the 1968 Morgan sailboat abandoned the vessel in April after it broke down during a trip.

The captain was apparently heading to the Florida Keys at the time, but never made it.

The boat ultimately washed ashore in early May, and we're told the owner just couldn't afford the heavy expense to have it removed.

The city cited the owner for a criminal misdemeanor charge of abandoning a vessel, but other than that, their hands have been tied.

City officials said they couldn't touch the boat until a 45-day moratorium had passed. 

Now that the deadline is here, the city is working on a removal plan to get rid of the derelict boat for good.

Hollywood residents are pleased.

"It's a hazard for anyone who just walks along here, puts their head under that boat, a wave comes in and they're gone," Hollywood resident Eddie Suarez said. "Especially with kids. They don't really know the difference between safety and a toy. For them, that is just a toy."  

Officials said it could cost up to $20,000 to remove the boat. 

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