Florida woman shoots ex-husband in testicles for attempting to take A/C


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida woman shot her ex-husband in his testicles after he attempted to take her air conditioning unit.

Kimberly Dunn, 35, shot the man after an altercation last October when he and his brother came to pick up the A/C and sell it on Facebook.

Dunn sat on the unit when the men tried taking the A/C, and then attempted to use a stun gun on the ex-husband.

After getting hit in the head and falling to the ground, Dunn got hold of a handgun and shot the man in his sexual organs.

The ex's brother choked Dunn until she passed out.

Dunn told police she was only trying to scare her ex-husband and not shoot him, She was arrested on the same day and taken to jail.

Dunn was arrested again on June 14 when she failed to show up to court, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution