Passengers begin vomiting as airline cabin fills with mist

Pilot turned air conditioning on full blast to force passengers to leave plane


KOLKATA, INDIA – Passengers on a delayed flight began vomiting when a mist filled the plane's cabin after the pilot turned the air conditioning on full power.

The Express reports the pilot turned the A/C on full power to get passengers to depart the AirAsia flight stuck in Kolkata, India. The passengers initially refused as they were being asked to go outside during a heavy rainstorm.

Video from inside the plane shows mist from the air vents quickly filling the cabin, while the sound of passengers vomiting and coughing can be heard in the background.

The flight, which was scheduled to Bagdogra, was delayed for over four hours. Passengers said they were given no explanation for the delay and were forced to disembark without any warning.

AirAsia reportedly claimed the air conditioning had been turned on as a result of "high humidity," but did not respond as to the health status of passengers.

Air Craft is on fire .. Not exactly. Flight no I5 582 of Air Asia to Bagdogra. First they pushed back, then returned to bay .. then anounced technical snag. Kept stationary for one hour on tarmac to instruct deplaning. When passengers objected, put blowers in full blast to hound passengers out. Simply suffocating kids ... No food or water in beteeen. This is the way Aviation industry work in India. This #AirAsiaservice was perticularly scary ... Avoid Air Aisia ...

Posted by Dipankar Ray on Tuesday, June 19, 2018