Thief caught on camera stealing North Miami pastor's weed eater

Video shows crook walk off with power tool

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – Pastor Derek Allen is sharing his home surveillance video hoping someone recognizes the crook who stole his weed eater. The video had about 3,000 views Thursday night.

"I think somebody out there knows who he is, probably," Allen said. 

The theft occurred about 5 p.m. Monday. Allen said he finished weeding the backyard and was preparing to clean the power tool to store it in the front yard shed when he briefly walked away. When he came back, it was gone. 

"Someone who had been watching the house, just came up, took him about, probably about 15 seconds, pulled up, jumped out of the truck and ran up, grabbed the weed eater," Allen said. 

It is not the first time crooks have stolen from him in South Florida. Allen and his family moved from Alabama to North Miami to open the Christ Centered Church in 2014. Two years later, he was robbed.

“They took, of course, the television," Allen said.

He said he's been burglarized more than six times.

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