Rattlesnakes found hiding inside family's pool noodles


BUCKEYE, Ariz. – As if summer activities aren't sometimes hazardous enough, those darn snakes are here to make the outdoor season even more challenging.

Families are being warned after rattlesnakes were found inside two pool noodles left on a back patio in Arizona.

With temperatures hitting the high 90's, especially in Florida, snakes are looking for all kinds of shade.

The Buckeye (AZ) Fire Department said the two pool noodles in question were left leaning up against a wall. The next time the family went to use the pool, the snakes popped out of the noodles.

The snakes did not attack the family.

Reports say snakes lay eggs inside pool noodles that have been left outdoors near bushes or fences.

So, you know, have a fun sssssssss-ummer!