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Family's new kitten turns out to be baby bobcat

Caretakers became suspicious when animal started making high-pitch noises

GARRISON, Minn. – A baby bobcat spent a night with a Minnesota family that mistakenly thought they were taking in a stray kitten.

Earlier this month, Jared Yost was working at his landscaping job when he found the animal alone in hiding on the edge of a parking lot. Yost decided to take the little one in despite "not being a cat person."

He gave some the animal some soft cat food and kitten milk. She seemed to be young and was hungry, Yost said. He brought the animal home, making an appointment with the vet for the next day.

But before that visit, the family noticed the animal was making loud noises that weren't even close to a normal meow. With the help of YouTube, the family discovered the animal was a bobcat based on the animal's markings and her giant paws.

Once they realized the mistake, the family contacted the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which took the animal in. The bobcat has since been moved to the Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which will eventually release the bobcat back into the wild.

Yost said the family is still getting updates on their brief houseguest's progress.