Man hauls in marijuana brick while fishing off Pompano Beach

Kilo of weed found floating in weedline

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A man fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Pompano Beach hauled in something unexpected Monday morning.

Jorge Bustamante was simply looking to get some mahi-mahi and kingfish on the line, but instead caught a brick of marijuana.

The kilo of weed was packaged and floating in, appropriately enough, the weedline, according to a social media post from Bustamante.

After the find, the group radioed the U.S. Coast Guard who met Bustamante and his crew to retrieve the contraband.

Bustamante said the surprise haul was an "early birthday gift from Pablo Escobar" and a trip that no one would ever forget.

And yes, don't worry, a few legal mahi and kingfish were caught and, we hope, enjoyed by all.