Water main break in Doral affects numerous businesses

Some businesses close Tuesday due to lack of water

DORAL, Fla. – A water main break in Doral is affecting numerous businesses Tuesday.

Alejandro Bustos, of RB Cycles, told Local 10 News that the lack of water is affecting his job on Northwest 41st Street.

"Now we can't receive bikes to do the tune-ups because we have to wash the bikes, and that's early big income for the store," the salesman said. 

Because Bustos can't wash the bikes that come in for repairs, he said customers will take their business somewhere else, costing the shop a lot of money over several days.

"(It's) really sad," he said. 

A large area of homes and businesses in Doral either have low water pressure or no water at all because of Monday’s water main break. The Doral Police Department said Tuesday that Northwest 41st Street would not reopen to traffic until next Monday.

Miami-Dade County officials said construction crews doing a beautification project were digging in the area when they accidentally struck a 2-foot pipe, causing it to rupture.

A backhoe operator has been working nonstop to repair the damage.

A manager at nearby Dunkin' Donuts said he has to get coffee from another Dunkin' Donuts 3 miles away because there's no water in his business.

Meanwhile, a nearby salad shop was forced to close for the day.

"I hope they can fix that as soon as possible," Bustos said. 

Miami Dade College, which canceled classes at its west campus on Monday, moved its classes to Kendall while repairs are being made. 

A boil water order will be in effect once water is restored to the area as officials make sure the water is safe to consume. The water is expected to be restored sometime Tuesday evening. Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department spokeswoman Jennifer Messemer-Skold said there needs to be 48 hours of good test results in order to lift the boil water advisory.