Attorney says he wants David Beckham to play by the rules

Miami attorney Doug Muir accuses officials of violating the charter

MIAMI – Miami attorney Doug Muir is crying foul in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and says he is not standing against having a soccer stadium in Miami. He says he just wants the David Beckham group to play by the rules. 

Muir claims the Miami commissioners and Mayor Francis Suarez violated the charter when they started negotiations for the Beckham group's no-bid proposal to build the soccer stadium complex on the land of the city-owned Melreese Country Club.  

"It's not up to city commissioners to bypass the process that is already in place," Muir said.  

Muir filed a lawsuit against the City of Miami just after midnight on Wednesday -- some hours before the 3 to 2 vote that is allowing voters to decide in November if they want the stadium on the city-owned property. 

"You have a public hearing. You have a public process where the public has a right to bid on this and you know compete for the property," Muir said. 

While Muir moves forward with his lawsuit and Miami commissioners prepare for an upcoming hearing, Leticia Hernandez and other residents in the neighborhood of the Melreese Country Club near Miami International Airport said they want the soccer stadium.

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