Keke Challenge could cost Florida drivers $1,000


MIAMI – KeKe, do you love... paying a hefty fine? 

The "In My Feelings" challenge started earlier this month when well-known rapper Drake came out with a new song. 

A dance was created and turned into a dangerous act where drivers jump out of moving cars to participate. 

Trooper Steve from WKMG in Orlando says the challenge is the 'dumbest thing I've ever seen'. 

"This is not only the dumbest thing I have ever seen on the internet, but you are intentionally putting yourself and others at risk," he said. "After watching several of these viral videos, I started to tally the different violations that I observed."

Florida drivers can accumulate about $1,000 worth of citations for their participation in the KeKe challenge: 

  • No seatbelt - $114
  • Careless driving - $164
  • Impede the flow of traffic - $164
  • Reckless - $300-$500
  • Possible criminal charges if resulting in death or serious bodily harm

So if you want to participate, keep both feet on the ground and groove to the beat. Do not jump out of you car. 

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