AT&T store manager steals customer information, attempts to make purchases


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – A Coral Gables AT&T store manager was arrested after allegedly stealing customer information and attempting to use it to make purchases at Walmart and other stores.

Quin Curtis, 22, asked two female customers for their credit card and drivers license information while they were waiting to make a billing inquiry inside the store at 1556 South Dixie Highway on July 23.

With their information in hand, the women observed Curtis exiting the store while talking and texting on his phone.

According to the police report, while the victims were inside the store, an attempt was made to make a purchase at Finish Line for the amount of $313.49 using the Chase credit card of one of the victims.

After the first purchase was rejected, a second attempt was made and also failed. A third attempt in the amount of $430.87 was made at Foot Action and also rejected.

45 minutes after leaving the store, one of the women was notified that a purchase at Walmart was being attempted using her online account.

The victims told police that all the transactions were fraudulent.

Quin was arrested Monday and charged with Identification Fraud and Third Degree Grand Theft.