Dog dies hours after being shot in Miami Beach, animal clinic says

Matt Ellis unlikely to face charges in shooting, police say

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A dog died Sunday night, hours after it was shot in Miami Beach, according to employees at Knowles Animal Clinic.

Miami Beach police said a man, identified as Matt Ellis, shot the dog Sunday afternoon after claiming it had bitten him in the 600 block of 82nd Street. 

Ellis told Local 10 News that he knows the dog's owner, but was forced to shoot it when it attacked him.

"It went nuts and locked down on my arm," Ellis said.

Ellis said the dog still had ahold of his arm as he went into another room to get the gun.

"I actually drug it to the case, opened up the case and grabbed the gun and shot it," Ellis said.

Ellis said he locked the dog in the room and called 911.

Paramedics took the dog to Knowles Animal Clinic for treatment. The dog was alert as paramedics loaded the animal into the ambulance.

Employees at the animal clinic said the dog died during surgery. 

Officers at the scene said Ellis is unlikely to face charges in the shooting. 

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