Dolphin Expressway's new diverging diamond interchange to open Monday

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Starting Monday, the Dolphin Expressway will begin its new traffic flow to ease our South Florida commutes.

"You're eliminating conflict point, entering and exiting the highway," MDX Director of Engineering Juan Toledo said. 

The Northwest 27th Avenue and Northwest 57th Avenue interchanges will be reconstructed using a new diverging diamond interchange.

It sounds more complex than it is. 

Basically, north- and southbound traffic on those interchanges will continue under the Dolphin Expressway as normal, but now briefly staying on the left side of the road, allowing those entering and exiting the Dolphin a cleaner traffic flow.

"And then, from a pedestrian point of view, you're making them come through the middle, protected barrier and that's more safer for pedestrians," Toledo said. 

The interchanges will be controlled with traffic lights, and portions of the highway headed east and west between Northwest 17th and 57th Avenues will also be widened for an additional lane.

If the Dolphin Expressway is a part of your commute, here's what you need to keep in mind:

-          Follow all traffic signals and pavement markings
-          Do not stop in the intersection
-          And when you're getting on the expressway, westbound and eastbound, stay in the far left lane.

"The lanes are going to be striped out," Toledo said.