Hollywood facility for the elderly plagued by bedbugs, former resident says

Woman forced to move after 15 years at Midtown Manors

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A Hollywood facility for the elderly has been plagued by bedbug infestations for at least three years, forcing one resident to move out.

"My sister moved me here to get me away from the bedbugs. They were biting me at night," said Alice, who lived at Midtown Manor for 15 years.

Alice moved to her new apartment last week with only the clothing on her back.

Local 10's Glenna Milberg visited Midtown Manor seeking comment on Monday but was turned away by staff members.

The facility's attorney also declined to comment.

"I heard people had to sleep on the balcony because they were bitten so badly in their beds," Alice said.

According to online state records, elderly residents' and their families' complaints of bed bugs go back at least three years.

"One woman, I was talking to her waiting for my lunch one day, and there was a bedbug crawling on the top of her blouse," Alice said.

Initially, Alice's family called exterminator Russ Woolley for help.

"In a multidwelling unit like this, bedbugs are hitchhikers. They have five stages ... between each stage they have to have a blood meal," Woolley said.

Woolley said the whole building has to be evacuated and treated with heat, which records show management here has never done.

The same records show inspectors found deficiencies with residents' care and protection.

Midtown Manor was almost forced to close, but the facility remained open after the operators agree to a settlement that included a $15,000 fine and the forced resignation of one of its principle operators. 

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