Daughter of Miami-Dade cop caught on camera beating her at school wants case to move forward

Teen claims father once beat her with belt until she soiled herself

MIAMI – A hearing was held Thursday for a Miami-Dade police officer accused of beating his teenage daughter inside the front office of her school.

The hearing centered around the officer's daughter and a scheduled deposition where she's expected to talk about the abusive relationship she said she's had with her father. 

Surveillance video captured Officer Raymond Rosario beating the 14-year-old girl at Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy's main office in March.

Police said Rosario showed up to the school after he got a phone call from her teacher, who claimed the girl had been disrespectful. 

In court Thursday morning, the judge made clear to Rosario that once his daughter is deposed, prosecutors won't be able to come back with a plea deal. 

His attorneys had hoped to get Rosario into a pre-trial program that would spare him a trial and perhaps allow him to keep his job.

However, prosecutors said the teen felt her father hasn't accepted responsibility for what he did and she wants to move forward with a trial. 

"I also spoke to my counsel and have been instructed that my daughter is to be treated like the young woman she is, and I don't want anything -- no one is out to bash my daughter. No one is out to harm my daughter in any which way," Rosario said. "Both my counsels are very professional."

"I don't know that it's my responsibility to keep him on the police department when he engages in behavior like this, and it's not my responsibility to give him the benefit because he's a police officer that everybody else would not get," prosecutor Laura Adams said.  

The prosecutor went on to tell the judge the teen said Rosario once beat her with a belt to the point that she soiled herself. 

Rosario was charged with child abuse and has been suspended from the police department.

The teen will be deposed on Aug. 31. Rosario’s trial has been scheduled for Oct. 22.