Guests refuse to pay $46K for wedding, bride cancels and breaks up with fiance

(Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash)

SOMEWHERE IN CANADA – There's bridezilla... and then there's this woman.

A bride-to-be named Susan went on a vicious Facebook rant blaming her friends and family for not coughing up enough money so that she could afford her dream wedding, Brides.com reports.

And to top things off, she broke up with her fiance.

In the post, Susan writes that she and her fiance had saved up around $15,000 for the destination wedding in Aruba, but needed help from the aforementioned friends and family to come up with the remaining $45,000.

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Susan says she "only" asked guests to contribute a small, workable amount.

"So our request for $1,500 for all the guest was not f____ing out of the ordinary." Susan writes. "Like, we made it CLEAR. If you couldn't contribute, you weren't invited to our exclusive wedding."

The bride was appalled after just 8 people RSVP'd and sent checks, while a GoFundMe the couple set  up netted just $250.

"We were f____ing livid. How was this supposed to happen without a little help from our friends."

Even Susan's best friend since childhood backed out as maid of honor over the bizarre request.

And just when things couldn't get any worse, Susan upped her game after her fiance offered to get married in Las Vegas.

"He wanted those cheap, raggedy, filthy, whore like Vegas wedding," Susan rants. "I mean WHAT the f___??? Was he out of his mind?"

Needless to say, the unidentified man is no longer Susan's fiance as the two broke up, according to the newly-single woman, "due to some recent and irreparable problems."

Runaway groom, anyone?