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Large rat hides in meat slicer during re-inspection at Laurenzo's Italian Market

'Stop use' ordered on all food processing areas, receiving area

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NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – According to a food safety inspection report, an inspector found a live, large gray rat last week hiding in a meat slicer on a shelf in the back of Laurenzo's Italian Market in North Miami Beach.

The inspector ordered a "stop use" on all food processing areas, the receiving area and on the receiving of food items.

The inspector was back at the West Dixie Highway market Thursday to re-inspect the business.

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An inspector was originally at the market on Aug. 15 and found six dead rodents in a cake finishing room and rodent droppings throughout the store.

There was also mold on outdated cheese and a pastry. Rodent gnaw marks were also found on food packaging.

Below are the violations right off the re-inspection Aug. 30. The inspector will be back again within the next two weeks to re-inspect the business for a third time.

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"Observed an alive large gray rat taking shelter within an idle meat slicer stored on shelf behind food products in backroom."


"Observed rodent excreta (waste matter discharged from the body, especially feces and urine) throughout entire retail area. 


"Observed rodent excreta throughout entire processing area."


"Observed rodent excreta throughout entire deli area." 


"Observed rodent excreta throughout entire bakery area."


"Observed rodent excreta throughout seafood department."


"Observed rodent excreta throughout entire work area." 


"Observed rodent excreta throughout entire backroom storage."  




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