Rapper's attorney says body-cam footage show incomplete story of client's actions

Khaotic 305 arrested last month after hit-and-run crash in North Miami

MIAMI – A South Florida rapper's attorney said body camera video tells an incomplete story about his client on the day of his arrest.

Rapper Rubin McFadden, also known as Khaotic 305, was arrested Aug. 7 after being accused of driving recklessly and fleeing the scene of a crash in North Miami.

"The way the police want to frame this is that this kid engaged in reckless driving. Why would he be doing that?" attorney Joe Klock said. 

Klock said his client did not know he was being pursued by police after the crash and said the officers didn't use their lights and sirens. 

According to Klock, as soon as McFadden realized it was law enforcement officials who were following him, he immediately complied.

"Anybody from his neighborhood who is chased in that fashion is not going to stop and assume that the yokels inside the car are cops," Klock said. 

As cameras from VH1's "Love and Hip Hop" rolled in the court room, McFadden's lawyer refused the prosecution's offer for the rapper to serve five years behind bars instead opting to head to trial. 

McFadden's trial date was set for Oct. 31. 

For now, he remains free on a $500 bond.

The victims involved in the hit-and-run crash are still recovering from their injuries.


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