Florida man busted trying to take marijuana that washed up on beach

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida man's dream turned into a nightmare after he was arrested for trying to take marijuana that had washed ashore on the beach.

Robery Kelley was one of many on the beach near Jungle Hut Park in Flagler County that began taking the packages of pot, according to WJXT.

However, when deputies from the Flagler County Sheriff's Officer arrived on the scene, Kelley was less than forthcoming about his new find. Kelley did not approach the deputies or tell them about the drugs he found.

Kelley later told deputies he had taken the pot and was keeping it in his car to wait for their arrival. Inside the vehicle car, officials found an 11-pound brick of marijuana that had been wrapped in a brown beach towel.

Kelley was arrested for possession of marijuana over 20 grams.

"This is another great example of 'See something, say something,'" Sheriff Rick Staly said. "This guy tried to take advantage of a situation and it completely backfired on him. Now, thanks to the joint effort of our citizens' watchful eyes and good police work, these narcotics are off the streets. To anyone thinking they can take advantage of marijuana washing up on shore, I have a warning for you. Is it worth a trip to the Green Roof Inn charged with a felony just for some 'free' weed?"

The Sheriff's Office had recovered nearly 100 pounds of pot that had washed up onshore over the previous two days.