Street renamed in memory of teen killed at Southwood Middle School in 2004

Portion of Southwest 164th Street in Miami-Dade now called Jaime Gough Way

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The soothing sounds of a harp played as butterflies were released into the air Thursday during a celebration of a new street sign in memory of a young man whose life was cut short steps away at Southwood Middle School.

"We know and feel that for the community stepping in like this and for the loss of Jaime, I feel like Jaime is still alive," Jorge Gough said. 

Jaime Gough's father was just one of dozens of people on hand for the street renaming ceremony. 

A portion of Southwest 164th Street between 80th and 78th avenues is now called Jaime Gough Way.

The unveiling was emotional for Jaime's loved ones. 

"I didn't know this was going to happen," Jorge Gough said. "So, for me, his dream has come true even though he's physically not here with us."

Jaime was 14 when he was stabbed several times by a classmate at Southwood Middle School in 2004. 

Jaime Gough was stabbed 42 times in the bathroom of Southwood Middle School in 2004.
Jaime Gough was stabbed 42 times in the bathroom of Southwood Middle School in 2004.

Jaime's killer, Michael Hernandez, is serving a life sentence behind bars. 

"We're not here for that crime or for that event. We're here to celebrate Jaime Gough's life," Miami-Dade police Officer Andre Martin said. 

Martin, who was Jaime's friend, and whom Hernandez tried to lure to his death the day before Jaime was killed, attended Thursday's celebration for Jaime. 

Jaime was stabbed 42 times inside a school bathroom, and authorities said Hernandez had tried to lure Martin to a school bathroom the day before.

Martin said realizing he could have died too was transformative. 

"My goal ever since that day is to take a phenomenally tragic event and turn it into something positive," Martin said. 

That something positive, for Martin, was becoming a police officer so he could help other people who may be going through a similar tragedy. 

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