Boy, 8, laid to rest after falling 12 stories from roof of Aventura building

Justin Fernandes-Pedra's funeral held in Aruba


AVENTURA, Fla. – An 8-year-old boy who jumped from the top of a 12-story building in Aventura this month while playing with his brother was laid to rest over the weekend.

Relatives said Justin Fernandes-Pedra's funeral was held Saturday back home in Aruba.

Justin's father described him shortly after his Sept. 13 death as a champion who competed in extreme go-kart racing and who was always pushing his limits. But it was that fearlessness, his parents said, that may have led to his death.

"He wants to jump like Spider-Man," Justin's mother, Jeantamee Sheuermann, said. "He does extreme sports. He's (an) undefeated champion, 20 times, in Aruba."


Sheuermann said Justin and his 6-year-old brother were playing hide-and-seek as the family was preparing to head out on vacation to Disney World. She said the two found a way up to the roof of the Echo Luxury Condominiums, when Justin looked down from the 12th floor and saw a blue canopy below. His mother said he described it as a trampoline.

"He told his brother that, 'We're going to jump. It's going to be fine because we are going to bounce and we're going to get on the grass,'" Sheuermann said.

Justin aimed for it, but missed it by a few yards.

Despite rescue efforts by a school resource officer right across the street, Justin died of his injuries.

Aventura police have ruled Justin's death as accidental. 

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