Florida man accused of cutting off penis of ex's new boyfriend


DES PLAINES, Ill. – A Florida man was arrested after authorities say he cut off the penis of his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Justin Foster, 28, of Tallahassee flew to the Chicago area in August to confront the man who was dating his ex, the Chicago Tribune reports.

According to the report, "prosecutors allege Foster approached the man on the street, hit him in the head with a tire iron, carved initials into his leg and then cut off his penis."

The victim was found by someone else on the street and taken to the hospital, where officials say he is also suffering from permanent brain damage.

Foster flew back to Tallahassee where he was arrested on Aug. 27 and brought back to Chicago late last month.

After being held with no bond, a judge granted Foster a $1 million dollar bond Thursday, allowing him to be released while awaiting trial.