Dozens of exotic animals found in Pennsylvania home

Pigs, 15-foot snake among critters


MACUNGIE, Pa. (WFMZ) - As many as 100 animals, including many exotic animals and even a 15-foot snake, were removed from a Lehigh County home by authorities Monday night.

Police were called to the home in the 900 block of Hillcrest Drive South in Macungie to respond to barking dogs, authorities say.

After entering the reeking home with respirators and masks, authorities found much more than barking dogs.

“We have dogs, we have rabbits, birds, exotic birds, snakes of all sorts and sizes, fish,” said Lehigh County Humane Society Shelter Manager Teisha Jones, adding, “We’re talking snakes that look like they’re from a horror movie. The biggest one that I’ve seen come out is probably about 12 to 15 feet.”

“The urine, the feces, you have pigs living in a home that aren’t being taken outside,” Jones continued.

It's the humane society's second major animal rescue in just over a week. Sixty-five beagles were taken from a home in Upper Saucon Township on Oct. 6.

Jones, who helped rescue the beagles, said she has never seen anything like this, which included finding a constrictor snake in the home.

“A constrictor of that size, you know a 15-foot constrictor, there are small animals that live in the neighborhood, young children. It’s very dangerous,” Jones said.

Some deceased animals were found but the ones that remained range from dehydrated to underfed and need help from the community.

“We are looking for homes that are skilled and knowledgeable on handling different types of birds, different types of snakes and it’s going to be a temporary placement,” Jones explained.

Anyone with the expertise to help can reach the shelter at 610-797-1205.

69 News is working to confirm who owns the home and if any charges are forthcoming.