Woman drops 2-year-old on doorstep, leaves him


SPRING, Texas – Video of a Texas woman leaving a 2-year-old child alone at a doorstep has gone viral, with the explanation drawing even more anger.

The child's father says the boy was dropped off Wednesday night by a family friend, but the woman left the child at the wrong house, KPRC reports.

The surveillance video shows the woman running to the front door of the Houston-area home with the boy, ringing the doorbell and then running off to her car.

The woman who owned the house found the boy at her door and called 911 to alert authorities.

Police say the boy’s father, who identified the boy as 2-year-old Royal Simmons, said that the friend dropped his son off at a neighbor’s home instead of his house. 

Royal was uninjured, but was taken into custody by Child Protective Services.Child Protective Services has taken custody of the child, deputies said.