Tickets on sale for 'Mushroom Rally' bringing 'Mario Kart' to real life in South Florida


MIAMI – It's-a me, Mario!

"Mario Kart" is coming to real life thanks to the "Mushroom Rally," and South Florida is one of only 16 stops in the country.

We've all played the game, where you race around a track in a go-kart with your favorite character, but now, you'll be able to dress up as your favorite character and race a real go-kart.

At a secret location in Miami on June 1, 2019, South Floridians will be able to race around a customized, themed, closed track dressed as their favorite characters. Winners of the event win tickets to Las Vegas to compete to win the Mushroom Rally USA championship.

Tickets are $55 per person and will are available HERE.

The tickets include access to costumes, races, the chance to win prizes and an after-party.