Florida mayor wanted sex in exchange for speed bumps, panel finds


LANTANA, Fla. – An ethics panel found that a Florida mayor asked for sex in exchange for installing speed bumps in resident's neighborhood.

The Florida Commission on Ethics found probable cause that Lantana Mayor David Stewart "misused his position to attempt to obtain a sexual benefit for himself," according to the Palm Beach Post.

Lantana resident Catherine Padilla filed a complaint in January against Stewart, saying he told her that he would make sure her neighborhood received speed bumps if she would have sex with him.

Padilla says Stewart drove her to a motel after the two had lunch three years ago, saying he wanted to "occupy" the room with her and wanted to have sex in the room. Padilla said no.

The Post says Padilla claims Stewart also called her saying "it wasn't too late" to sleep with him before the Town Council was voting on whether to install the speed bumps. 

Lantana approved the installation of speed bumps in Aug. 2015, but Padilla says Stewart threatened her by saying he would have the speed bumps removed because she did not have sex with him.

Stewart, who has been mayor since 2000, refused to comment on the panel's findings.