Andrew Gillum makes 8 campaign stops in South Florida

'This election will be about turnout, period,' Gillum says

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Democratic candidate for Florida governor Andrew Gillum made a campaign stop Thursday in West Perrine.

People in the neighborhood recognized Gillum and his mother, although they left the area 25 years ago following Hurricane Andrew.

"It feels like a homecoming -- a homecoming with so much love from the people here," Gillum's mother, Frances Gillum, said. 

A door knock at one family's home in Richmond Heights was a photo op, no doubt, just like the other seven stops Thursday, which included a chicken wing restaurant. It's all a key part of Gillum's get-out- the-vote strategy -- having a personal connection with as many people as he can muster.

"This election will be about turnout, period," Gillum said. "I said when we won the primary: We were not going to run this race like Democrats have typically run it. We're not going to camp out in a few counties, lose the rest of the state, try to hold onto the most Democratic counties and think that's going to equal a win. It isn't."

Gillum had campaign stops Thursday from Key West to North Miami-Dade.

The candidate set aside talk of plans and policies in favor of camaraderie and connections. Likability is one of the candidate's biggest assets.

"He's an easy going, good guy," Gillum supporter John Taylor said. "He expresses himself real well." 

The schedules for all candidates will be pretty grueling for the next couple of days before the election.

The polls are still showing this is a tight race between Gillum and Republican opponent Ron DeSantis, with their numbers varying by just a point or two.

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