It's official, people will do ANYTHING to get high or drunk

Teens using sanitary pad 'juice' as hallucinogenic drug


SUMATRA – When it comes to getting high or drunk, leave it to teens to find the most disgusting ways to make it happen.

Case in point; teenagers in Indonesia are taking sanitary pads, both new and (hold on) used, and boiling them to create a cheap way to get high.

Was that your stomach churning, our ours?

According to the Daily Mail, multiple reports claim when boiled, the chemicals in the sanitary pads create a hallucinogenic that makes people feel as if they're flying.

Those looking for a sanitary pad high either take the items from the trash or find new ones, and boil them for up to an hour. After the remaining liquid cools down, the teens gather to "drink" it together.

Several teens on the island of Java have already been arrested as the Indonesian Ministry of Health continues its investigation.