Driver crashes car into Indian Creek in Miami Beach

Driver was submerged for about 10 minutes, witness says

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A driver crashed their car into Indian Creek in Miami Beach.

It happened around 5:30 a.m. Monday along the 5200 block of Collins Avenue, right in front of the Alexander Resort.

"I hear this swoosh sound. It was the car going into the water. I didn't know it," said Marc Hundley, who was awakened by the crash.  

Hundley soon realized a car had crashed into the water.

"At that point, I realize that we've got seconds, so I went to get my dive tank and I said, 'Welp, if this goes down, at least we can get a tank down there,'" he said. 

But Hundley couldn't get down as he fought against the weight of the water. 

Within minutes, paramedics and first responders stormed the area and dive teams jumped in and pulled the driver out of the car. 

"She looked like a dead person -- lifeless," Hundley said. "She had been in the water a while. It wasn't a two minute thing.

The woman was transported to the hospital.

According to Hundley, she was the only person in the car.

A car seat was seen in the back of her car and her trunk was open. 

Another driver who witnessed the crash also jumped in to try and help.

According to witnesses, the woman lost control of her car and knocked down a palm tree and a post before nose diving into Indian Creek.

Hundley said her body was submerged for close to 10 minutes.

"I could hear her yelling and crying. That just shook me up. That's why I didn't want to talk to you," Hundley said. "I don't know how to describe that."


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