Burglars take boy's vintage go-kart monster truck

Davie father offers reward for toy truck, no questions asked

DAVIE, Fla. – A family is distributing flyers after a thief stole a vintage go-kart monster truck that belonged to two brothers ages 2 and 5. It was dragged out of their yard in Davie. 

Bill Hogeland, the father, says he just wants his sons' custom-built truck back. He is offering a financial reward for the return of the beloved toy -- no questions asked. He promises not to press charges. 

"It's a very rare Carter Brothers go-kart that they built way back in the 80s," Hogeland said. "They stopped making the in the 80s. It took me about a year to locate one and they’re not cheap."

Hogeland said he was devastated when he thought about how heartbroken they were going to be when they realized they couldn't play with their truck. 

"I hope whoever it is, can find it in their heart to bring it back," Hogeland said. 

Hogeland is asking anyone with information about the toy truck to call 954-444-9937. 

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