New cat cafe opens on South Beach for feline fans

Business asks for $15 to spend hour in Purradise


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – What's better than enjoying a cup of coffee coupled with the cuteness overload of watching more than 30 cats?

Welcome to Purradise -- the new cat café off Washington Avenue and 14th Street in Miami Beach.

"It serves a need. It's obvious we have a huge cat overpopulation here," the owner, Celyta Jackson, told Local 10 News.

When visiting the new hot spot you can find a menu with coffee and sweet treats and, to the right is a showroom filled with kittens and cats of all ages rescued by a nonprofit organization called Sobe Cats Spay and Neuter.

"When they walk to the end, we ask for a $15 donation to have an hour in Purradise. You put on shoe covers, sanitize and they're in," Jackson said. 

There's already a waiting list to add in more cats. 

The adoption fee is $75.