Armed man locks woman inside home to have sex to repay debt, police say

Arrest report: Woman handed sergeant keys through locked gate


HIALEAH, Fla. – An armed man locked a woman inside his Hialeah home Tuesday after she was dropped off at his house to have sex with him to repay a debt, police said.

Authorities said the woman did not know Chiong. It's unclear who dropped the woman off or who owed Chiong a debt. 

According to an arrest report, the victim went to Luis Wu Chiong's home in the 800 block of Southeast 12th Street and he locked the exterior gate with a key.

Police said the two then sat in the living room, where Chiong, 67, gave the woman cocaine and told her to snort it.

He then led the woman to his bedroom and locked the bedroom door with a key, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, Chiong ordered the victim to remove all her clothes and entertain him as he laid on the bed.

Police said the woman undressed but became frightened once she noticed the door had been locked with a key and she was unable to leave.

According to the report, the woman told Chiong she didn't want to be there any longer and asked him to let her out, but he refused.

Police said he armed himself with a gun at one point and pointed it at the victim, leading her to call police for help.

Authorities said Chiong eventually let the victim out of his bedroom after she continued pleading with him, but refused to unlock the exterior iron gate of the home, even when he saw that police had arrived.

Police said the woman was able to run back to the bedroom to grab the keys to the gate and handed them to a sergeant as Chiong tried to snatch them back from her.

Police said the sergeant opened the gate and arrested Chiong.

He faces charges of armed kidnapping and aggravated assault with a firearm. 


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