Florida man interviews for Kohl's job, steals shoes on his way out


SPRING HILL, Fla. – It's about time #FloridaMan got a job, or at least tried. But couldn't he have been less #FloridaMan?

Dominick Breedlove, 24, was arrested for stealing two pairs of shoes from Kohl's in Spring Hill. Oh, yeah... he had just interviewed for a job at the same store moments earlier.

A Kohl's loss prevention officer witnessed Breedlove searching through shoes, looking to see if any were missing security tags. He left the store and then returned with a Kohls bag and put two pairs of shoes inside.

Breedlove took the bag with the shoes and walked outside without attempting to pay. He said they were going to be a gift to his mother.

Needless to say, Breedlove did not get the job, although did get a trip to the Hernando County Detention Center, WFTS reports.